Branding is the essence of how your product or service is experienced. It is your story. And when you have a really good story, you connect emotionally with people and they are persuaded. Storytelling moves people to action and ultimately they become your loyal clients. Distinctive branding begins with research and strategy. With a thorough analysis, we discern what sets you apart from your competitors and how you can make a difference. When you create this difference, you touch more people and you become more successful.


Cape Pond Ice Branding
Scope of Work
Phase 1: Market Research | Competitor Analysis | Marketing Plan

Project Description

Cape Pond Ice has been harvesting and distributing ice for the past 165 years throughout the North Shore of Massachusetts. Back in 1848, the company literally harvested ice out of local ponds and stored ice in large buildings during the warm months. Markets and distribution has changed dramatically since then, but the dedication of this company has not wavered.

We assisted Cape Pond Ice to evaluate where they currently sit within their market industry, how they compare with their competitors and how to best utilize their key strengths to their advantage. With this Marketing Plan, we were able to step forward into the next phase of the project, a re-designed website to harness more e-commerce sales.